Tips for cleaning any type of shoes

clean every sort of shoe with this method

Leather, plastic, light colours… these tips will help you have an astonishing footwear.

Shoes are an important part of our “business card”. As some people says, hands and feet should always be perfect.

In the case of the children sometimes it is mission impossible, because the truth is that they have certain ability to destroy them… As babies they eat them and when they grow up they destroy them playing.

We are going to share with you some tricks that have been quite a discovery.

Baby Shoes

In the case of the youngest children’s shoes, the most convenient thing is that you clean them with your own baby wipes and to achieve a perfect clean you can use make-up remover cream, and you will see that the result is fantastic.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes can be treated with specific products for this purpose, but to make them look like new you can apply a good layer of body moisturizer and you’ll see that when they dry they’ll be perfect.

To remove difficult stains you can rub the area with burning alcohol or banana skin, I have not tried alcohol but they say the result is wonderful.

What I have tried is to get a super shiny finish, spray them with lacquer once the shoes are clean, it is a great trick to get an extra shine.

clean your leather shoes
Leather shoes and a hat

White Shoes

With the little ones it is mission impossible to keep their shoes white, the truth is that I avoid buying white shoes for my daughter. If it is true that in summer I like her to have a white sandal and a great trick to keep it white is to clean it with whitening toothpaste, let it dry and then remove it with water, once it has dried it maintains a great white color, although as I said it is a risky color to use on the little ones.

Sport Shoes

To keep the shoes as clean as possible, I recommend immersing them without laces in water with hand washing detergent and a dash of ammonia. As a last resort you can use white polish when they are very worn but that will be a last resort.

To clean the sole well you can use vinegar.

Suede Shoes

To clean suede shoes and make the finish perfect, you can do it with a wet wipe and then to make the suede look good you can brush the shoe with a brush wrapped in an old sock.


A proposal that I have not carried out since it recommended to apply in a cotton cloth, wood furniture cleaner on the boots and that the result should be shining, I will have to prove it .

As you can see there are a lot of tricks to keep your child’s shoes better, the truth is that I have tried several of the tricks and they work wonderfully, that’s why I have encouraged myself to write them down.

Remember that it is important that your child wears quality shoes to avoid problems later on and with these tricks you will get the best possible shoes.

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