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How to decorate a kitchen with bricks

The brick is not only used in architecture for its functionality and versatility.

Let’s start with something simple but ideal for lovers of rustic spaces, obviously the protagonist of this type of decorations is the rustic brick, but you may wonder, do you mean the typical rustic brick oven? 

Well no, we could talk about this at another time, we talk about the addition of a beautiful rustic brick wall in one of the three interior walls of the kitchen, specifically the one that touches the oven and the burners, this concept of kitchen is being widely used in Europe, you can also play with the placement of the bricks, as it does not have to be necessarily a whole wall of bricks, you can leave spaces without bricks and play with the abstract aesthetics that is generated. This type of aesthetic organization of bricks can also be done with facing bricks, giving the same touch but with a more elegant and less rustic aesthetic.

ways to decore kitchen with bricks

A good combination 

We continue our list with another type of aesthetic combination, which may sound very strange at first, but trust us, after this introduction we want to talk about the partial use of bricks (of any type of aesthetic brick) in the walls, but we are not talking about making walls entirely of exposed bricks as in the previous section, we talk about playing with the abstract aesthetics that can give us the combination of bricks with smooth wall of some color, these combinations are presented with facing bricks and bricks of constructions, which are bathed with a glaze and a paint of some color and the walls are applied a color that contrasts with the color of the brick, causing a unique and incomparable effect, for those looking for something daring and different in their decorations.

Last but not least, we have a decoration which is based on making brick frames to the parts of the kitchen, a frame around the delimited space of the oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, among other appliances or furniture that are in the space, or you can simply raise a frame at the entrance of the kitchen and the windows in question, we hope that our recommendations bear fruit in your search for the ideal aesthetic …

how to decore kitchen with bricks