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8 advantages of natural stone in sustainable construction

Decorating with natural stone is not just a matter of luxury, but of sustainability.

Natural stone is a sustainable building material that provides numerous benefits, being the most efficient natural cladding for any architectural project. In previous posts we have talked more in depth about its characteristics and properties, especially in these two: Sustainable materials: Natural, healthy and durable and Natural stone: a safe bet for sustainability.

1. Durability

Natural stone is a very resistant and durable product, so it becomes a very valuable building material over time. Its appearance is maintained over the years without deterioration, thus saving maintenance costs.

2. Reusable

It is precisely the previous property that gives natural stone this characteristic and makes it the sustainable construction material par excellence, since its useful life does not have to end with that of the building, but can be recycled and placed in another new construction.

natural stone as a susteinable material

3. Thermal inertia

One of the most outstanding characteristics of natural stone is that, due to its large mass (Kg/m3), it has a high thermal inertia, which makes it a great insulator that will provide significant savings in heating and cooling, significantly increasing the energy efficiency of the house or place.

4. Acoustic insulation

Also owing to its great mass, natural stone becomes a good insulator to muffle exterior sounds.

5. Versatility

Natural stone allows a multitude of applications in all types of projects: it adapts to both interiors and exteriors and can be installed on the facade, walls and floors.

6. Aesthetic variety

Natural stone offers a wide variety of textures and colors, making it perfect for any environment and space. The tones can range from the lightest to the darkest, and the finishes can be polished, rustic, natural, etc. In addition, it has a point of exclusivity, because no stone is the same as another. Each stone is unique and timeless, giving projects a noble and inimitable look.

reasons to use natural stone

7. Architectural integration

At the landscape level, we can achieve that the house is fully integrated with the environment, other example may be the shown in our post called “how to improve a kitchen with decorative bricks, read here.

8. Fireproof

Natural stone is totally fireproof. In addition to offering total fire safety on exterior facades, it can be used in applications for heat sources inside the house.