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Terrazo tiles and its uses at decoration

Terrazo is a material that has traditionally been used for floors and consists of a mixture of pebbles and marble agglomerated with cement.

This tends to happen in various sectors and industries: trends are built on the basis of rescuing old materials or forms from oblivion, from the past.

On other occasions, elements that were once the majority among the working class are revived; it is a behavior that we have seen in fashion and that also occurs in decoration.

terrazo material texture

Well, after several decades of neglect, Terrazo tiles are this year’s latest trend in decoration. That’s how trends are, cyclical.

Terrazo tiles and their maintenance

It was not uncommon to see Terrazo tiles in the houses of working-class neighborhoods, built during the second half of the 20th century, especially on the floors, both indoors and outdoors.

The reason is simple: it is a hard, resistant material, easy to maintain and, above all, very economical. Benefits that are maintained today.

Therefore, we are talking about a trend that we can easily follow, since it will be cheap and, in addition, we can choose from a lot of varieties according to, on the one hand, the grain, which can be fine, medium or coarse and, on the other hand, the color.

Traditionally, the most used ones were white, gray or earth tones; today, they can even be found in blue, black, pink or a combination of several colors.

The Terrazo of the 21st century

Until now, as mentioned above, Terrazo has only been seen in flooring. Its ability to resist humidity made it ideal, above all, for terraces. But this is no longer the case: its use has expanded and it occupies many more spaces at home.

For example, as wall cladding in bathrooms and kitchens. Or as a material for kitchen countertops. It is amazing how modern designs turn this simple material into a jewel that shines in any room in which it is used. But the list doesn’t end there.

Terrazo already reaches fundamental elements for the home such as tables, chairs, stools, bathtubs, lamps… or decorative elements, namely vases, flower vases, table mats, etc.

bathroom on terrazo tiles

And, as if that were not enough, the craze for Terrazo has reached such a level that it already inspires, as a graphic motif, the printing of curtains, cushions, quilts or wallpaper, among others, apart from other objects such as notebooks, costume jewelry, cell phone covers, bags… Any application is good.

As we said, fashion is cyclical, it comes and goes. Terrazo may not last forever but what we can say is that it has come back stronger than ever claimed as a worthy material usable by everyone. And it does not intend to return to the trunk of memories so easily.