Exercise tips for every lifestyle

How do you start exercising when you really hate doing it and have spent almost a lifetime barely moving?

Practicing sports regularly from a young age is the ideal way to reach maturity in good physical, mental and emotional shape. 

If you’re repulsed by the idea of an exercise regimen, here are some tricks anyone can use to incorporate a little movement into their day-to-day without overdoing it and getting bored.

It’s all about fun 

Find an activity that you really enjoy. Why torture yourself with a discipline you hate from day one. When you do something you enjoy, you’re not watching how tiring it is or how much your muscles ache.

Don’t be afraid to try several disciplines until you find the right one. How will you know what you like best if you don’t give yourself a chance to try several sports or exercise routines?

Set an alarm on your watch or phone to go off every hour and do a short routine, always the same one. During a busy time in my life, every 50 minutes I would do 25 squats, 25 push-ups and 25 abdominal exercises. At the end of the day that adds up and it’s easy to see results.

Set yourself achievable goals and increase them little by little. It’s a lot easier to walk 15 minutes a day than two hours once a week.

Don’t be afraid of change

Modify the type of exercise according to the season of the year and this way you will avoid getting lazy. Choose outdoor activities when it’s not too hot or too cold. Instead, go to the gym or indoor pool in winter or summer.

Don’t think that only a rigorous exercise program will help you get in shape. Ballroom or regional dancing, hiking, walking the dog … there are many ways to practice sport. I repeat that it is better to do something -anything- than nothing.

Try to do a sport that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. If you have to take the bus across town to go swimming, you’ll give it up in no time. Adapt your exercise routine to changes in your life. For example, if you’re traveling, practice yoga in your room, or go to the hotel gym. If you’re at the beach, walk or swim. If you go to the mountains, go hiking, and so on.

Do a team activity. Being accountable to a group of people is easier than if you play sports alone. Don’t be afraid to try something like basketball or volleyball. The support of the group will keep you motivated.

The key is to start small and stay consistent. Once you experience the benefits of an exercise routine – no matter how simple it is – you’ll find it less difficult to get moving. I assure you it’s worth it.