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Engineered wood, how to use it in your garden

Technological wood is known for its durability, resistance and lack of maintenance in outdoor flooring. 

Engineered wood is more often used for floors and shelves in kitchens or even bathrooms, but it is also used today to cover facades and stairs, to shape benches and planters, and as porches for outdoor garages.

The use of engineered wood outdoors ranges from its application in landscaped outdoor areas, in communal areas of neighboring residences, in hotel penthouses and even in small urban terraces.

All those areas exposed to the elements, open or semi-covered, benefit from its resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures.

Facade cladding

This type of decking brings a modern and contemporary style to the facades of buildings due to its natural appearance, as well as being available in different colors and finishes of engineered wood.

The low maintenance requirements and resistance to sudden changes in temperature make technological wood a perfect alternative for facades.

Its thermal and acoustic insulating qualities are also noteworthy. Its lightness is also an aspect that is highly valued professionally in construction.


Partition fences

Garden fences require durability, resistance and ease of maintenance in order to be practical, both in private properties and in communities of neighbors.

Manufactured from durable polymers and wood resins this engineered wood meets the functional and aesthetic requirements as partition fences.

fence engineered wood


Whether outdoors in the open air or on semi-covered terraces, technological wood gives shape to benches that remain resistant to rain and sunlight. This is a practical solution to customize your urban terrace and enjoy its full potential.

If you don’t want to be on the lookout for outdoor furniture, a bench with this type of decking guarantees a comfortable corner with no need for maintenance.



Technological decking reinforces the structure of outdoor stairs providing a modern aesthetic and a lot of resistance in busy areas such as patios and gardens.

By installing the same model on floors and stairs, a very modern and elegant minimalist style is achieved thanks to engineered wood.



The combination of engineered wood with artificial grass and decorative gravel in gardens creates spaces with unrepeatable personality.

This insulating material can also be used to build and delimit planters in outdoor spaces to achieve aesthetic uniformity with the rest of the elements. 

These are some of the applications that have been implemented with technological wood taking advantage of the benefits and versatility of this material.

wood planters for garden decor

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